Monday, January 22, 2007

EVERY time I think I have a good idea...

...something comes along that shows me it can be better... (My thanks to SQ for shattering my meager dreams...)

Also, I figure I should mention somewhere that MLW is ecstatic that it snowed. Even though neither of us got to stay home, like dear cousin A. Did I mention it couldn't have been much more than an inch and a half...? *sigh*

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Jado said...

I have seen your viewing area, adn I think I have an idea that you can obsess over, without ever being able to afford it.



Imagine it - white textured paint all over everything, acrylic crystals sticking out of everything, and a giant crystal-encrusted control board to house the remotes. Removing the green crystal starts the system up.

That should hold you for a while.