Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ack! Why did no one tell me?

I should point out that I use Firefox, a wonderful little browser from the fine folks at Mozilla. I only use IE for a few things at work or if I encounter a problem with the site using Firefox or if the site insists I use IE.

As such, it never occurred to me to check the blog with IE, until today, in reference to some comments Mr. Huge made over dinner last night.

OMG! It looks HORRIBLE. Why did no one mention this before now?!

So effective immediately, I'll be re-generating the template. So expect things to be somewhat dull over the remainder of the week, until I find the time to get everything fixed (which I should have done back in June or whenever it was that I tried to change the template's color...)

Yes, yes, I know... you could care less. But there should be a modicum of pride in what one does.

More later.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The New Fall TV Season...

...is upon us. Well, at least according to the networks, who decreed that it should begin last Monday, and it was so.

As if to demonstrate what you knew already in your heart of hearts, I watch way to much TV. Herewith is the primetime schedule I'm looking at....





8:30 - How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Heroes (NBC)

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)
What About Brian (ABC)


Gilmore Girls (CW)
House (Fox)

Eureka (Sci Fi)
Veronica Mars (CW)
Justice (Fox)

Smith (CBS)


Bones (Fox)

Lost (ABC)

The Nine (ABC)


Smallville (CW)
8:30 – The Office (NBC)

Shark (CBS)


Dr. Who (Sci Fi)

Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi)


Fantastic Four (Cartoon 8-8:30)


Desperate Housewives (ABC)

Key: Blue is must see, Red is if there’s a chance, but not necessary to tape.

As you can see not as many timeslots where I need to have four recording devices going simultaneously (which is tough, since I only have two.) I'll no doubt be adding to this post or creating subsequent posts as I hit specific shows. But since this has already been sitting around unposted for almost a week now, I figured I'd get the grid out (that way you know what to watch... or perhaps what shows NOT to get attached to, because if I'm a fan, their days are numbered...)

Man, I need a DVR/TiVo...

More later.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

SOOOO sleepy....

...I can't even tell ya...

Figured I ought to post before anyone else sends more ephemera my way. So right to the pointless info...

First, in today's odd news: Man Bites Panda... (never trusted those Pandas...)

Elmo-watch continues: eXtreme Elmo revealed to the masses, plus a commentary on Slate.com.

Stumbled across this tidbit in Cinematical that explains the latest notion from the "House of Ideas."

Speaking of movies, check out the new Casino Royale trailer (as well as a bunch of behind-the-scenes bits) here.

SQ sent in this "precious" article about the Remember Ring, that's hard to forget.

And finally, today's update on where the hell are the flying cars?

That's all for now, kids. Gotta wobble so I don't fall down. The TV post coming soon -- as soon as I have a few minutes all at once....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ahoy, Mateys!

What is Talk Like a Pirate Day? Learn the answer from the very fellows who created the day. Or from the esteemed Dave Barry.

So in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day (TLaPD), please let me share some of these exciting links with ya...

First, How do you go about it? Arrrr! (It's just that simple).

Next, perhaps you need to know your pirate name -- seems like a good place to start... for instance...

My pirate name is:

Captain John Rackham

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
part of the fidius.org network

Okay, so now ye've gotten yer Pirate Name, now what? Well, obviously, ye be needin' some pirate merchandise! I mean, what be pirates without thar booty [insert yer own joke here, ye bilge rats, ye]. And speakin' of Pirate Booty, it's a tasty snack, ye know.

Now that ye be properly outfitted, I think I should let Capt'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket explain the key to TLaPD.

Those two scoundrels also explain the 5 A's, in a slightly longer video. If ye still haven't gotten the hang of it, they be havin' this nifty translatin' utility.

If ye be wantin' to learn about actual (and fictional) pirates, please check out Davy's Jones' Library... And of course, you need to get the Pirate Guys tome:

And finally, OriginalWebb suggested this happy pirate song.

I be hopin' I made this clear to ye Land Lubbers. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day.

-- Captain John Rackham

[Ed. Note: The regularly scheduled post on the new Fall TV season will be postponed to tomorrow as a result of this momentous and venerable occasion.]

Friday, September 08, 2006

Brought to you by the letter Q and the number 7

Hey Kids,

I'm sure there is something more important to be talking about (global warming, the destruction of the environment, the increasing mix of church and state, the war in Iraq, the arguable growth of fascism in America, etc.) but since it doesn't really affect the mainstream media why should it affect me...? So today I wanted to share two articles on Sesame Street.

I may have already shared this article from LA Times columnist Joel Stein, explaining what I've always suspected, that Elmo is evil -- brought to my attention by MDFA of all people...

Then yesterday, my office neighbor EB, shared with me this bit from McSweeney's on Cookie Monster (one of the more maligned muppets, IMO). (Clearly he's got a lot more depth to his personality than just cookies -- here he analyzes Shakespeare...)

Well, that's it for now, folks. Anyone know whatever happened to Electric Company? Or where I can get a cookie...?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

There's such a thing as too much...

Howdy Kids (or should that be "Kidz"?),

Much -- well, okay, not "much," but something -- to tell about this weekend, but that will have to wait for a moment. I had to bring this to your immediate attention...

Now many of you may know that MLW and I are stockholders in Marvel Entertainment, part of that whole "invest in what you buy or use" philosophy that has many me the hundredaire I am today... But even I must say this is going too far.

And no, these guys are not to be confused with the Spiderman & Friends line of deformed (no, that's really the technical term for the art style) action figures for pre-schoolers (I think my favorite has to be Wolverine... he's cute with his skewer-you claws and everything... although "Hug-n-Roar Hulk" is a close second...) Don't get me wrong, I'm sure if I had pre-school boys I'd be buying these toys for them, but Marvel Babies? (For you geekasauruses in the audience, make sure you read down to the comments -- they're kinda funny.)

In fairness, as this article points out, this is merely one of the latest in a line of this disturbing baby-ifying of characters... (Actually, wasn't there an episode of Justice League where they got turned into kids?)

My thanks to EB, the man who sits next to me (at least for the next couple of weeks) for bringing this to my attention...

More later, True Believers!