Tuesday, September 05, 2006

There's such a thing as too much...

Howdy Kids (or should that be "Kidz"?),

Much -- well, okay, not "much," but something -- to tell about this weekend, but that will have to wait for a moment. I had to bring this to your immediate attention...

Now many of you may know that MLW and I are stockholders in Marvel Entertainment, part of that whole "invest in what you buy or use" philosophy that has many me the hundredaire I am today... But even I must say this is going too far.

And no, these guys are not to be confused with the Spiderman & Friends line of deformed (no, that's really the technical term for the art style) action figures for pre-schoolers (I think my favorite has to be Wolverine... he's cute with his skewer-you claws and everything... although "Hug-n-Roar Hulk" is a close second...) Don't get me wrong, I'm sure if I had pre-school boys I'd be buying these toys for them, but Marvel Babies? (For you geekasauruses in the audience, make sure you read down to the comments -- they're kinda funny.)

In fairness, as this article points out, this is merely one of the latest in a line of this disturbing baby-ifying of characters... (Actually, wasn't there an episode of Justice League where they got turned into kids?)

My thanks to EB, the man who sits next to me (at least for the next couple of weeks) for bringing this to my attention...

More later, True Believers!

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Jado said...

Here is my impression of the comic industry

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Content and artistic merit?

CORP: You haven't been listening. It's-