Sunday, August 27, 2006

I don't care what else is going on... I'm blogging today, damn it!

Geez, I don't even know where to start... which I suppose is one of the reasons it's taken me this long to type this thing... I keep thinking to myself, "Gee, I only have 10 minutes... that's not going to be long enough to post anything of value." (We'll leave out of the discussion the notion of whether anything I post is of value...)

So I think I left off in late June, right? Let's see if I can quickly summarize what happened since then...

Superman Returns -- I'm withholding judgment until I see it a second time, but I think I liked it, but ultimately was hoping for more.

July found us celebrating MDFA's b-day, with our traditional (?) mini-golf game. I was, of course, absolutely terrible... The fourth was its usual, uneventful self MLW, MDFA, and I watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie (you know, so we'd be caught up on valuable backstory for the second one) and also managed to set off fireworks for the second time in my life (I am happy to report no injuries this time). The following weekend we went to the Pirates sequel (which I liked, but everyone else found a tad lacking) and on Saturday, Alexandria's (and the USA's) Birthday Celebration in Oronoco Bay Park in Alexandria. This has also become something of a tradition. I think if you're really interested, MLW has pictures of me at the aforementioned event eating ice cream.

I recollect that later in the month we saw The Devil Wears Prada, and thought it was cute. By far the most disturbing thing that we saw in July -- if not all year, or several years -- was Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth. I mean, we already own the J-Pod (MLW's Prius), but to be honest, I feel like that's not nearly enough after seeing this movie. And if you haven't seen this movie, go see it -- quite possibly the scariest thing you'll see in a long time...

Near the end of the month, our good pal Origami Slayer and HLW contacted us as they had extra tickets to see The Reduced Shakespeare Company in "The Complete History of America, Abridged" at the Kennedy Center and while we'd seen the show before, I never turn down free tickets to the RSC, and find the shows really funny no matter how many times I've seen them... And they even autographed a copy of their new book for me.

Which I think more or less brings us around to August. Now it seems I have very little that was accomplished in August... or at least I can't recall much of it. I seem to remember a lot of sitting around. I know that we were kinda disappointed with the selection of many movies, and I think I invited MDFA over to watch some DVD's with MLW and me. I was going to do a whole superhero themed night with a cartoon or two, a TV show episode and a movie. But we never got to the Fantastic Four (the intended movie), since after a few of the Fleischer Animation Studio Superman cartoons, we started watching episodes of the first season of Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter. And my god are we having fun doing that. We've done the same thing for several Saturdays in August now, and wow-oh-wow is that show a lot more fun than I remember it... Admittedly, we're laughing at it, but hey, as long as we enjoy it, right...? Plus, we have a longstanding tradition of making fun of superhero shows. (I'm sure some of you must remember The Flash...)

Then of course, the long-awaited Snakes on a Plane arrived. That was a full weekend. The movie was exactly what we (the viewers) were promised, and I think if you went into it with your mind in the right place, you were fine. Samuel L. Jackson really does what he promises... The next day (last Saturday) we once again headed over to Six Flags America (hey, gotta get some use out of that season pass...) and while it became apparent that none of us (it was again the gruesome threesome -- MDFA, MLW, and me) really were in the mood for the amusement park, we were there because it was the "retro weekend" -- which meant they had a free concert with... wait for it... Eddie Money and then Loverboy. Yep, an amazing collection of "what did they play again?" 80s rockers, admittedly some of them seeming like they needed walkers...

But generally speaking we had fun. This past weekend (the one that draws to a close as I type), we had a visit by my old hometown's Manager, and his lovely wife and their ridiculously cute 5 year old daughter. Spent a lot of time around the homestead here, and then wandered around Olde Towne in too hot weather with Code Purple air quality. After they left, I went back to sleep. And then we repeated another evening of food, folks, and Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman as described above.

Is this all that there is to tell? Probably not, but I've been at this for a while and I'll still need to go back and add some links later on. So I'll leave you with this interesting bit, and promise to not disappear for nigh-two months again. Argh.

More soon.

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