Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ack! Why did no one tell me?

I should point out that I use Firefox, a wonderful little browser from the fine folks at Mozilla. I only use IE for a few things at work or if I encounter a problem with the site using Firefox or if the site insists I use IE.

As such, it never occurred to me to check the blog with IE, until today, in reference to some comments Mr. Huge made over dinner last night.

OMG! It looks HORRIBLE. Why did no one mention this before now?!

So effective immediately, I'll be re-generating the template. So expect things to be somewhat dull over the remainder of the week, until I find the time to get everything fixed (which I should have done back in June or whenever it was that I tried to change the template's color...)

Yes, yes, I know... you could care less. But there should be a modicum of pride in what one does.

More later.


OriginalWebb said...

OK, if you're going to go shooting the non-messengers, I will also tell you this:
In Safari, your TV grid below is obscured by the rail next to it. I can see the 8-9 and 9-10, but 10-11 is cut off. For all I know, you're watching:
What .
The Ni

I don't normally say anything because it's a fun game to laugh at the Mac user.

Jado said...

It looks horrible? It does? Really?

I use nothing but IE (I fix my house - I don't fix my computer), and as long as there isn't animated GIFs of purple flames on a site, or as long as the site doesn't take 5 minutes to load, I am just fine with it.

Content matters more than art (which may be why I flunked out of Architecture coolege), so just keep coming with the posts, and I'll keep reading them, regardless of how they "look".

But keep in mind, I also eat the burgers that fall thru the grill bars onto the charcoal - I may not be the arbiter of taste you are looking for.