Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just remember...

...I don't pick the icons...

So, I got an email from MLW, the other day, directing me to this site, which in turn explains that Ziggurat Con -- the first RPG con to be held in a war zone, will be taking place this June.

Now while I personally don't plan to attend, what with my allergy to warzones and all, those of you that are frequent readers know that MLW and are like to support and while this event (to my knowledge) has nothing to do with that charity, it does appear to be about supporting the troops in a way I know I can (who doesn't have extra rpg books lying around the house?), and so I'm passing it on, in case any of you feel the same way.

Keep 'em rolling!

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OriginalWebb said...

This struck me funny:
"who doesn't have extra rpg books lying around the house?"
That is, I agree that this sounds neat and worthwhile, but surely you have SOME friends and readers (even besides me) who do not, in fact, have any extra rpg books lying around the house.