Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Couldn't have said it better myself... I'll let Clive Thompson at WIRED say it instead.

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Jado said...

See, I am aware that there is this conflict with Luddites denying certain scientific truths, but other than the effect it has on public policy (which I think has more to do with money than actual persuation - politicians will beleive in Pastafarianism if there is a campaign contribution in it for them), the anti-science side of the argument has no effect on me.

I guess it comes down to allowing morons to willfullly exercise their God-given (heh) right to be willfull morons. If they don't want to "beleive" in evolution, I don't care.

Never argue with an idiot - it's sometimes difficult for onlookers to tell who's who. And I am already preparing to "adjust" whatever my son is taught in school to actually reflect the truth. It should be fascinating to read the textbooks he will be studying.