Monday, June 16, 2008

The problem with Sunday night concerts... that Monday morning follows shortly behind them...

Still, MLW and I (and some friends from the ADSW, and some friends of theirs, who we'd never met before) had a neat-o keen time at the Birchmere (a peculiar little local venue) last night, where we saw The Puppini Sisters (who I always want to call the "fabulous Puppini Sisters," because I think it sounds better, and hey, they're three beautiful, musically talented, funny, glamorous girls who dress vintage and have accents (when they're talking, not when they're singing) -- I mean, what's not to like? Fabulous!) I commend them to you, if I haven't done so already. The group that opened for them was Mad Tea Party. I hadn't heard of them and don't know as that I would have sought them out otherwise, but they weren't half bad... kinda an R&B, meets early soul, meets early rock & roll, meets surf sound sorta thing. I'm sure WPE would correct me for leaving out five or six influences... But hey, you don't see too many people playing the electric ukulele these days... (as opposed to back in the day, when EVERYONE played it...)

Anyway, I'm blaming the fact that we got back late and, of course, needed to attend to the Pantheon (trust me, that's a whole other post), on why I didn't get to post one of the other posts last night.

I will say (completely unrelated) The Incredible Hulk may not have been, but it was certainly satisfactory (and as stockholders, it's important to support the Marvel brand...)

Oh, and SQ sent me this little bit on Iron Man Legos.

More to come.

Brain buffer = Holding at 7.

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