Monday, December 01, 2008

How does one...

...get back on the horse exactly?

I spent a lot of time on Facebook (yeah, that's right -- I'm finally part of the 21st century -- or at least this year's social netowrking thing... I'm sure it will be replaced soon enough by the next big thing everyone wishes they'd invested in before it was the next big thing -- or they would wish that if people actually still had money to invest...) this past week (well, a little less than a week, actually...) But I thought to myself, "Hey, if spent even a fraction of that time blogging, the way I mean to, well..."

So I made a deal with myself (personally, I don't trust me...) -- there will be a new post every day for a week. May not be that exciting, may not be that long, but there will be a post.

Tomorrow, I might even explain why and what caused me to drop off the planet for so long.

1 comment:

Jado said...

Welcome back

Did you really post this 8 days ago? Apparently I have been remiss in checking the site. Apologies.

And welcome back