Thursday, April 08, 2010

So yesterday...

...I got up later than I meant to (surprise... not) and then watched an old Smallville I had on the TiVo (no, I don't know why I keep subjecting myself to it either...)

Tune-up at the chiropractor. Grocery store (questioned why healthy cereal comes in smaller boxes than Capt. Sugar's Frosted Cocoa Bombs (now with Fruity marshmallows!) which seem to come in huge boxes... yep, who says I don't tweet about important stuff...?)

And then I found what may just be the Best Blog EVER (apologies to my friends who have blogs...) But this one has a regular advice column. (I could have a regular advice column, except I don't believe anyone has ever asked me for advice...) Now I found it because of a serious post on a serious issue, which I found far more compassionate than I am capable of being. But it's normally pretty damn funny (which I guessed from the serious post, because anyone capable of that sort of heartfelt sincerity is probably a pretty cool human being, who in my experience tend to be naturally funny...)

Also we watched LOST (finally, I'm starting to see that it makes sense...) and V (creepy, creepy, Anna...)

Today, (one of the job search engines I use) helpfully advised me: "Home Depot is hiring." Yikes.

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