Thursday, November 09, 2006

As Dinah Washington sings...

...What a Difference a Day Makes...

So it's looking like people listened and went out a voted. I was surprisingly impressed by the election results, and a seeming surge in Democrats (notwithstanding recounts, legal action, etc.) It seems that in spite of reported Conservative efforts to @#$% with the process and legal polling, people got out and voted (and as some people pointed out it was even raining here in Northern VA...)

I am totally disappointed in Virginia's response to Question 1. I was IMing with Mr. Huge about it yesterday and as I believe he said, it's disgraceful. I challenge anyone to say how passing this did anything other than set us backwards. I'm not a lawyer, but I hope this is being challenged somehow someway. (I take a very minor amount of solace in the fact that Northern VA -- and my town in particular -- was overwhelmingly - 2 to 1 or more - against passing the amendment. It doesn't change the feeling I have that I need to apologize for 57% of my adopted state).

All this and Britney filed for divorce AND Rumsfeld stepped down -- another example of Republicans living in their own little fantasy world... if you wanted a scapegoat and to take value from having a scapegoat, wouldn't it have been better if he resigned LAST week. But no, they just refuse to accept the premise of reality it seems (actually, that also applies to what I said above about VA...)

Meanwhile, in personal news, I'm still in training. You know how a sponge can soak up a certain amount of liquid and then anything else one tries to soak up doesn't go in -- I believe that's called saturation -- well, if you replace "sponge" with "brain" and "liquid" with "information" and you kinda have my status right now.

Anyway, I know there was other stuff I wanted to talk about -- probably even a main reason I thought, "Oh, I should blog during lunch break," but I'll be damned if I can remember what it was. So, more later...

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Insidious Mr. Huge said...

Yes, while I am quite happy with the overall election results (the House AND Senate AND Rummy--it's like Christmas!) I am disgusted with the 57% of our state who voted for the marriage amendment. Truly, I am ashamed for my adopted state.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: If anyone, ANYONE can offer me proof that allowing homosexual marriages/civil unions has destroyed their heterosexual marriage, I'll pay good money.

It's time for people (read: Republicans mostly) to stop being intellectually dishonest and admit that the real reason they are against homosexual rights is purely on religious grounds.

Take your religion out of our politics and: Get. Over. It.