Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Star Wars?

So as I mentioned in my birthday post, MLW and I watched Star Wars (and no, I'm not calling it A New Hope -- it's just Star Wars). And curiously this evening as she flipped around channels when I left the room, I saw she happened upon the end of Episode I and then probably the last third of Episode III. But because WPE sent me this a few weeks back, I couldn't help but see them all in a completely different light. It makes a disturbing amount of sense... and also means that GWEK was right when, right after Episode I (I think) he said to me, "I'm telling you, Yoda and R2 are the only two that know the whole story..." but I don't want to emphasize that too much, lest it go to his head... But watch Star Wars after you read this, and tell me that maybe, just maybe, you can't see that Alec Guinness was playing coy with the trash can secret agent...

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