Saturday, March 28, 2009

True story

So MLW, comes over to where I'm sitting with two glasses of water in her hands. A bizarre hand-dance takes place where I don't know which glass she's offering me. Left, right, left again. Finally, I take a glass and I say, "Did I get the right one?"

MLW: What do you mean?
Me: Did I get the one you put the poison in?
MLW: ...
Me: *chuckles*
MLW: Silly man, the poison's in both glasses. I just take the antidote every night.
Me: *gulp*

* * *

So, naturally, that has nothing to do with what I was here to post.

Random superhero news -- according to these "tough times" (and I assume by that the fact that I don't have any money my accounts...) lead to the rise of superheroes. Meanwhile there was this article from The Onion. Finally, this short film (which is in Norweigan, btw...) is a cute little 8 minutes and well-worth watching.

* * *

Of course, I have more stuff to talk about, this thing already published itself by mistake once. We'll have more soon, I hope, even if we have to go back in time to get it there.

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