Saturday, December 17, 2005

What was I doing again?

...Oh, yeah, wasn't I, like, looking for a job or something?

I was trying to type this earlier and got sidetracked (how shocking, I know...) and now I'm rather knackered, so I'll give you the Reader's Digest version...

Two things really... The first was that when I was at the AOL Holiday party, OS's wife was doing a lovely job of networking for me (she seems to know nearly everyone there, if in some cases only by screen-name). She followed up with one guy later in the week (last week) and CC'ed me on the message. So who knows, maybe something will come of it...?

Also, as I mentioned in my December 7th post (completely forgetting to point out that it was Pearl Harbor Day, I now realize...), I was getting some information on some government jobs. In a sort of follow-up to that, I was on... well, I guess you could call it an informational interview on Thursday (that was yesterday, right? I still haven't gone to bed yet, so I say it's still Friday...) way out in Tyson's Corner. (Because you know what's fun? Driving over to an area with three malls, a week before Xmas, in a "wintery mix" storm.)

The interview itself actually went quite well, I thought. Not that I had that much to go on. But simply as interviews go, I thought it went well. It was very much a dialogue rather than a one-sided, "they'll-ask-questions-and-I'll-answer-them" sort of thing. Also, I'm told I was there more than double the average time (it was more than four hours), so I'm choosing to take that as a good sign (though we were clearly both talkers). If nothing else, I really enjoyed it as a conversation.

So, don't know if that amounts to anything or will, but I figure it beats telling y'all about how long it took me to file my unemployment claim this week (6 minutes, 23 seconds -- since I chose to use the telephone method rather than the web).

More to come.


Insidious Mr. Huge said...

I know a man who once filed his unemployment claim from the bathroom of his Vegas hotel room. (He: "There was a phone right next to the toilet. I figured, why not?")

Jado said...

Huge's comment sounds like a goal to shoot for - you will know you have arrived (in the unemployment line) when you can do that.