Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'd like to apologize...

...in advance, particularly to Jado, who I suspect will later be angry with me for introducing him to this, but y'all have to go check out this REALLY funny webcomic that came my way courtesy (or through the mechanations) of ND.

You can begin with Issue #1 (as I did... and I wonder where this week is going...) or I imagine you can just start with the most current issue (though I don't see how you'd know what was going on...)

Also, be sure and read the FAQ, as it explains why you may or may not be getting all the jokes (read: are you an RPG geek?)...

Remember that's ... too funny.

More later.

Note: Blogger, for whatever reason, would not cooperate with me, 48 hours ago when I was trying to post this "really quickly" the last time I had a moment to do so. It was supposed to be post this, than post a longer more informative update later, but the Fates were conspiring I guess. Got stuff to do today so more later, if everyone's feeling cooperative...

1 comment:

Jado said...

Feh. Just one more thing on my blogroll for which I blame you, but there is no anger involved.

It is now a well-established fact that you are responsible for my internet addiction, so one more webcomic doesn't register in comparison to the gravity of the original crime.

Consider it just one more nail in your coffin. And at this point, what's one more nail, really?

P.S. - Yes, I read the entire back archives and I am now current. It's a really good webcomic.