Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Just once I'd like to see a headline...

...that reads "Star Trek Fan's Obsession Leads to Cure for Cancer" or "Trekkie's Devotion is What Inspired Him to Discover Alternative Energy Source"... But no, instead we get this, which I sort of wonder how many people will send to me... (Click through to a more detailed account.)

[FYI, I haven't been able to connect to Blogger for something like 36 hours. I have more stuff for y'all, but it will have to wait until later.]

More to come. Live Long and Prosper but practice good money management (or something).


Boppie said...

Wow - that makes the average female shoe wardrobe look practical.

Your NC In-Law (Yee-MF'n-Haw) said...

When next down along the Durham way, you'll have to drop by for dinner and a viewing of my roommate's Star Wars displays. If space allowed, they would take up all four walls and most of the ceiling. As it'll just have to see it. Luckily he's still (mostly) solvent, and the apartment is in my name.