Thursday, November 17, 2005

A few words before bed (which I should be in)

*sigh* So, first day without a job -- why do I feel so tired?

Still in the process of setting up the home office and configuring the new PC (a Dell we got it months ago) so that it is set up the way I like it.

Did manage to file for unemployment today... you can do it over the web (how convenient)... that was something I wrestled with for a few moments. But I finally decided that I paid into the system for 9 years, and I doubt I'm going to take 9 years worth out in a few weeks, so...

I also added some Google-based ads to this site. Hopefully you won't find them too distracting. I know that they will (shortly, once the site is indexed) be placing the ads based on the analysis of the words on the page. So one would think that if I say, "job search" enough, ads for stuff like and the like would appear. I don't know what happens if I talk about robots, conspiracies, or say, sweet potatoes...

Did I mention I should be in bed? More tomorrow.

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