Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Where did JAM go?

So, you don't post for a few days and all of a sudden the emails come pouring in (by which I mean two). Gosh, what's up with that? I mean, I don't answer to you people... I really don't. If I want to sit in bed and read comics and eat ice cream, I can do that... Not that I have. (Ever, come to think of it...)

No, I spent much of the "long weekend" reorganizing the office (which I think I alluded to earlier was something that was bothering me). It was full of papers, computer boxes, papers, computer parts, papers, and many more papers. And while it was certainly an interesting (Huh, a birthday card from Waugh from 1997...), informative (wow, I had no idea we had this many colors of paper in the house... and who needs multiple post-it notes with Garfield on them?), and nostalgic trip (Hmm, a print out of nearly everything I did while working at Drew... why did I keep hard copies?), most of the stuff went to the recycling center. On the plus side, I can now see the floor and actually turn my chair around without jamming my toe into something (presuming the cat isn't at my feet).

But that's not all I did over the "holiday weekend" (which is a relative concept when you're unemployed...) MLW and I went to see The Ice Harvest with WPE (it was funny. Dark. but funny.) And I had a thoroughly "up with people" conversation with my sibling (is there any other kind?) Oh, and we got the six million -- okay, I exaagerate... 22 --storage bins of Xmas stuff out of the attic to begin "the great decorating process." (I can't tell you how little I care right now.)

I'm sure I'm leaving out various tidbits, but they're clearly so exciting as to have slipped my mind. I do need to tell you guys about my exciting trip to VA Employment, as well as my trip to CPI today (Tuesday), and I'm sure one or two more things. But they need to wait until tomorrow, as it's late and I have an appointment in the a.m. (No, don't get excited, it's therapy, not an interview...) More later, I'm sure.


Insidious Mr. Huge said...

See what happens when you place yourself in the fishbowl, silly man? Like reality tv, we are drawn to the trainwreck of your banal human existence. And what does that say about us all? The expendable masses bleat in unison.

It could be worse, you could have linked a webcam to your house so we could all see your daily antics. "Jonathan TV". All day, all the time. Shudder. See Jonathan eat ice cream and read comics. See Jonathan sift through the detritus of his office for recyclables. See Jonathan attacked by his Roomba--oops, I've spoiled the surprise!

The robots are coming. Doom is at hand...

Jado said...


Who am I to buck a trend, especially an expendable masses trend?

So again, I say unto you