Thursday, November 17, 2005

A "quick" update

Yeah, sure. I've been trying to type this for like 2.5 hours now. Dial-up blows.

Also, why do I still give the thought, Oh, I'll just check my email real quick any credence? Never happens, so why do I think that.

Today (as is often the case) the ADSW is sucking up all my time. For those of you just tuning in, I'm also President of the Board of Directors of the Art Deco Society of Washington. And since people like V, wonder if "this is a group sitting around in my basement" (actually, come to think of it, that has happened...), no, it's a small non-profit focused on historical preservation and cultural appreciation of the Art Deco era. You can read more on the website. But we're all volunteers, and it's just a time vortex, trust me...

Anyway, back to what was supposed to be the point of today's short missive... got a call-back on one of the job things/irons in the fire. Unfortunately, the woman who called back like coughed or cleared her throat as she was saying her name. I listened to the message 12 times, and I still don't know what her name was. So I called, and explained to the receptionist that I didn't know who I was calling back, exactly, other than that it was a woman and I thought her name began with a "J." So I then played a rousing game of "Let's Talk to People's Voice-mails" in theory, eventually speaking to if not the person who called at least the person who would know who did.

'Course, they can't call back, because I'm online. See sentence three of this post.

More to follow on that, I imagine.

Is it passe to tell people what you're listening to? Probably. I'm doing it anyway.

Currently listening to: ABC's "When Smokey Sings" (WPE thinks I like that song too much. He may be right. But it makes me smile.)
Current Mood: Vaguely frustrated.

Okay, I gotta get to the store before I hit rush hour. More later.


Jado said...

Meh. WPE may think you listen to it too much, but it is the best of that era's "vaguely 50's vibe" retro songs.

And it is the only one of ABC's songs that is remotely palatable, so go with it.

Insidious Mr. Huge said...

Silly man. Don't you realize what that cough meant? The bird flu has reached your potential employer's office! Go ahead, accept an interview. Chat up the secretary and the HR department. While you exchange platitudes she'll be exchanging a deadly virus. Better not touch that doorknob on the way out. It's already seething in microscopic death! Breath deep the gathering gloom. Recirculated air will be your bane.

It's all falling into place...