Monday, May 22, 2006

A very full weekend...

Oh, I have so much to tell y'all... But I'm trying to do things in order, so...

A lot happened last weekend... Friday we attempted (and largely failed) to finish up MLW's short-term game. But one more session should take care of it. Then very tired, went to sleep.

Saturday, I got up crazy early (for a Saturday, anyway) to go to Six Flags America with MDFA. It was just the two of us -- what amazing patience she has to spend the whole day with me yammering on and on and on... We had fun -- they have MANY rollercoasters -- though a misunderstanding of what the Penguin's Blizard River Ride was, nearly cost me the day with some severe, spinning-induced vertigo. (JAM can't do the spinning). The fine folks at Six Flags, or should I say the many 12 year olds who work there for minimum wage or so, also goofed and gave me a "premium" season pass instead of a regular one, so we'll definitely be going back and bringing friends. Which is probably why we decided we didn't need to go on EVERY rollercoaster. We tried Batwing (once we found it -- it's practically in a different park), which was pretty darn neat. And Superman: Ride of Steel, which was very fast. And several of the others. Anyway, nice day - I really enjoyed it a lot.

Then on Sunday, it was pretty much get up early again (at least for a Sunday), as we spent the day volunteering at the ADSW Expo. Once again dealt with the large quantity of incompetence on the part of NVCC, though slightly less than last year. And once again, MLW and I managed to find a few things to add to the Deco collection. (Though we managed to keep it below $100...)

Admittedly, none of the above is as exciting or funny as this bit (sent in by originalWebb), but it was still my weekend. Many more exciting announcements forthcoming very soon!

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