Sunday, May 07, 2006

Casa del Tiburon

(Excuse my malformed Spanish). So yesterday, MLW, MDFA, and I went over to The Shark's McMansion. And Mansion-ish it is. Good taste prevents me from telling you how much it cost (and with real estate prices down here, what would it mean, anyway...?) I will say there's a walk-in closet bigger than the office I'm typing this from, and their master bath is bigger than the one we had at the Bellagio. (Yes, the Bellagio...)

So anyway, The Shark was having a combination 6th b-day party for his too cute daughter and housewarming party (I think they moved just before I left CPI, so that would be about October?) Anyway, a nice time was had by all (certainly the kids, if the screaming level was anything to go by), though there was a lot of food being pushed. I had no idea the people were such food pushers. It was like Extreme Hospitality! But seriously, nice party, and MLW got to watch the Derby (on the plasma screen... again, I say, "Must be nice to have money...")

What else? Well, a few things on ye old job search front this week. I'm sending likely my last volley to the company that had me to 3 interviews and seems to have forgotten about me since, (though, hey, people get busy. Who knows?) Then, while out on errands on Friday, I got a call about some association I applied for a position with I don't even remember how far back (checks log -- week of March 26th, apparently) who now want to bring me in for an interview on Tuesday (Whatever...) And then I have yet another career fair in shiny Crystal City on Wednesday (after which I may have lunch with some of the miscreants I used to work with). So that's what's up on the job front.

And in the interest of not just leaving you with what I did with my Saturday (oh, did I mention we saw Mission Impossible III after the party? We did. Pretty good. In spite of Tom Cruise...), I figured I would share with you a couple of the links I'd been accumulating... For some reason Hasbro keeps feeling the need to frak with Monopoly. Haven't they done enough with the NASCAR edition or whatever?

And I'd be remiss if I didn't point out this bit of George Lucas news -- not to be confused with this other one everyone keeps sending me (Huge, in particular, seemed very excited about the fact that Greedo did not shoot first... which we all know...)

Last, but by no means least, we have this reasonably hot of the press tidbit from MDFA, who wanted to make sure we all knew what our dear Mr. T was up to these days...

Stay cool, folks, I'll be back.

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