Monday, January 23, 2006

An update...

...lest I hear about how I'm not "posting enough" (from either my mom or Mr. Huge... who I believe are 50% of my readership at this point...)

More importantly, a slight bit of info to report -- which really effects when I post and when I don't (that is, when I have something to share) rather than at set time increments...

Anyway, did some thrilling and exciting web consulting for finally fixing a persistent problem that more or less stemmed from having crappy customer service (so I switched the cart to work with PayPal.) While it's counter-intuitive, when I report this income to the VEC, rather than saying, "Wow. That's the spirit! Excellent initiative, old man! Keep up the fine work. Here's a check," they will instead (assuming I've understood things correctly) subtract my earnings from what they pay me. Which I guess makes some sense somewhere.

Also -- of perhaps slightly more interest -- I have an interview tomorrow with -- wait for it... it's shocking... -- a government/defense contractor in beautiful Crystal City, VA... I think it's literally yards away from where I used to work at CPI. Naturally, I got this interview through the wonderful world of networking, and not, of course, through the massive quantity of job postings I respond to weekly (or perhaps that's weakly). I will have more on that later, obviously.

So anyway, that's all I have right now, though I feel I should somehow leave you with a wacky link of some sort, but I don't seem to have anything handy right now. Maybe next time.

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