Saturday, January 07, 2006

So, yeah, the job search...

...what up with that?

A few things to report (but nothing to get too terribly excited about, I'm afraid):
  1. Was called in to see the fine folks at the VEC -- didn't meet with Karl (the guy from last time), but instead with a woman named Colleen. She had a very soothing voice (not that there was really anything to be nervous about). She was actually fairly helpful and while we did review my claims thus far, I was told that everything was in order. She also gave me a packet of info with many other possible places to look for leads, so all-in-all, good.
  2. In other, not-much-to-report-but-hey-it's-something, I did receive word that I was likely going to be called back for one (or more -- it was not clear) of the government positions I was looking at. Of course, being the government, the earliest I could get in would be the end of February. (Don't worry, I'll wake you if anything happens.)
  3. And hey, yesterday MLW and saw a detailed report on how the FBI is hiring, so looks like I'll be sending some applications their way (again). Apparently, they need more IT people and project managers, so...
Hmm. I know there was a bunch of other, non-job-search-related items, but I've been writing this post on and off over the course of the weekend and today, so I think it's about time I publish it and if I think of the other stuff, well, it's not like anyone can ever get me to shut up, right...?

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